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A smart way of on demand car wash app development

Building any app is a difficult project. Building an on demand car wash app is even more complex since it requires high-end planning, integrating APIs and many other intricacies. Our car wash app development services will help build an on demand car wash without breaking into a sweat.

Intelivita is made up of web developers, creative professionals and project managers who know how to make things happen — especially building an on demand car wash app. We have developed and launched several types of on demand apps that connect on demand service providers with customers.

With on demand services becoming an integral part of our daily lives, an on demand car service is nothing but an essential that most users look forward to. An app that can crowdsource car wash service providers by location, help customers find them through a quick mobile search and also pay for the services through the ap is increasing in demand.

As top-ranked mobile app developers, we can help you build the on demand car wash app on Android and iOS platforms. Talk to our experts to set the ball rolling.

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on-demand car wash app development
For all users

An on demand car app with multi-dimensional use cases


User Profile

Every user who downloads the app can create a user profile with a personalized name and personal details.


Create custom addresses, favorite locations on the built-in map for easier finding of car wash services.

Car Details

Enter car details like make, model name, year, color and other details to pick the right car wash service.

Book a wash

Users can book a car wash from their real-time location. The booking can be made for immediate use or schedule it for later.

Prefered Date and Time

Set preferred data and time in advance for car wash services. Helps plan for recurring services proactively.

Cancel Request

Users can cancel already placed car wash requests. The requests can be postponed to a later date or right away canceled.


Every booking made, accepted or rejected will be intimated to the user through push notifications.

Payment Summary

Users can get immediate payment summary for the services received.


Payment for services offered can be made from within the mobile app with integrated digital wallets.

Multiple Payment

Notification for every successful cab booking, the arrival of a cab, ride cancellation, ride completion, offer alerts and so on.

My Washes

Users can view the timeline of all car washes that they have carried out since installing the app.

Wash Status

Get a real-time update of the car’s wash status - done, in progress, in queue, etc. through the app.

Special instruction

Users can instruct the washer to wash the car using specific washing materials, in specific routines and so on for the desired outcome.

Ratings and reviews

All services provided by the washer can be rated and reviewed with the built-in rating and review system.

Wash history

The user gets a wash history of all of its cars. This gives customers to keep better track of car wash and book next wash.


The app is a truly global app and can be used by any users, washers and admins from varying language backgrounds.

Help & support

For all kinds of troubleshooting and issues while using the app, help and support can be accessed from within the app itself.

Invite friends

Users can invite their friends to use the app and gain loyalty points or offers therein.


Washer Profile

Washers can create their own profiles complete with range of services offered, timing, special services offered and so on.

Add Location

Washers can add multiple locations to their services to help customers find on demand car wash services easily from their real-time location.

Wash request

Admins sends washer new wash request in its region. The washer can either accept or decline the request.

Upcoming washes

A bird’s eye view of upcoming washes, special requests from customers, estimated earnings from each wash and so on.

Wash Status

Real-time status of the wash can be updated by the user so that the user stays in loop of the estimated time of delivery of the washed car.


The washer will receive a notification for the new car wash request sent by the admin.

Before and after photo

Washers can prove their efficiency in delivering wash services by adding the before and after wash photo of the cars.

Key request

On the scheduled time, the washer can reach the car owners place and within the app, they can request a car key.

Payment request

Once the wash is completed, the washer can request for the payment to the admin. He can request payment for multiple services.

Ratings and reviews

Washers can leave reviews and ratings for the customers to point out best customers and the unruly lot.


Washer registration

Admin has the control to accept or reject a washer registration request in the app backend.

User registration

Admin can moderate users by checking their profiles, social media handles and so on.

Car wash request

Manage car wash requests proactively by giving high priority to idle washers.

Washer approved payout

Admins can check reviews and ratings, terms of service and so on before approving payout to the washer.

Washer pending payout

A quick view of the payments pending to washers, wash transactions and overdue duration can be seen.

Create plans

Admins can create specific pricing plans based on the nature of services offered, duration of the plan, location and so on.

Create a car category

Admins can create a template or readymade list of car categories that users and washers can pick from for services.

Car wash history

For verifying payouts, service frequency and for your measuring efficiency, the admin can look up car wash history from the dashboard.

Email and SMS notification

Admins can configure email settings for firing email and SMS notification for every major action carried out using the app.

Washer payout

Upon receiving the payment request from the washer, Admin verifies the services and releases payment to the washers bank account.

Manage ratings & feedback

Admin can moderate the star rating and reviews given by users and control any malicious activity, if needed.

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How it works

The workflow of how an on demand car wash request is served

The user sends a request for the car wash service

how to make a car wash app

Admin receives the request from the user

how to make a car wash app

Admin start searching for the car washer around the location

how to make a car wash app

Nearby car washer accepts the wash request

how to make a car wash app

Washer receive payment in its wallet

how to make a car wash app

Provide service as per the package

how to make a car wash app

Washer goes to the user location on the preferred date and time

how to make a car wash app

User get notification

how to make a car wash app

You stand to gain a lot from resorting to our on demand car wash app development services.

White Label Solution

Have your own branded car wash app with our white label solution that can configured with brand presets.

100% customizable

Customize every pixel of the app to give it a unique touch and feel that is different from all competitors.

Robust Admin Access

Admin can 360-degree control of the app’s activities, user activity and service provider management.


The app can be configured to function in more than 60+ languages. Users as well as admin can switch between languages easily.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Integrate your app with any payment gateway or gateways of your choice. Give your customers the flexibility to use any gateway of their choice.

Ready to Market

Build and launch the app in quick time without losing much time for developing, designing or customization. Our ready-to-market solution will ensure you go live quickly.

How we Build it?

Technology Stack Behind Car Wash App Development

What Our Clients Say

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Our web and mobile app development expertise have helped several organizations turn critical challenges into a competitive advantage. But don’t take our word for it! Hear straight from our clients what they think and feel about our services.

Intelivita has helped us design and build our company's app, for both iOS and Android. The app we needed, demanded very unique and challenging applications/features. With every request, they were able to design and build a very suitable solution.

Nick Konechny, Managing Director, AK microblading

Intelivita has been awesome to work with! The guys at intelivita are always quick to deliver, and to high standards at that!

Zia Mahmood, Founder Guest Me

The team was helpful and supportive throughout the process, walking them through designing and offering useful suggestions. The completed site is excellent, meeting the company’s expectations. They communicated effectively and organized the project efficiently and professionally.

Tony Nealon, Co-Founder, New Haven Cafe

They put in a lot of effort into staying in touch and keeping me updated. The working iOS app launched in the App Store and has received positive feedback from key stakeholders. Intelivita keeps the project moving (and on budget) through constant communication, providing critical status updates throughout the engagement.

Scott Etherington, Chief Technical Advisor, Eat2Earn

They’re able to take on much more challenging projects than many other companies out there. According to outside programmers, Intelivita’s coding has been nearly bug-free. While, in general, their response time, capacity to engage needed resources, and end products have impressed me.

Mukul Verma, CEO, Mokool Sports Games

They are quick to respond to changes required for the app. The team’s responsiveness and detailed documentation help keep the project on track. They quickly implement change requests and resolve issues.

Jack Parkin, Founder, Chatagram

Intelivita was always willing to work hard on this project. Despite the normal issues when facing a development project, the app works as it’s supposed to. Intelivita’s responsive team worked within budget, fixed bugs promptly, and was enjoyable to work with.

Imogen Venn, Account Director, Pebble studios

They offer a cost-effective service and I was happy with the experience.” They accurately translated existing app features to iOS and even made slight improvements. Users love the iOS version and post positive reviews of it on the App Store. Offering local management staff and offshore development, Intelivita provided an excellent service at a great price.

Tref Griffiths, Owner, CluedUpp Games
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