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Bring the world together with our social media app development solutions

A decade ago, meeting and greeting strangers happened on streets. Thanks to social media apps, they happen everywhere. Strangers from two corners of the world turn into friends with the power of social media. Social media is also an economic powerhouse that has a population of many countries put together.

Does the world have room for another social media network? Why not? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and several others might have the first-mover advantage. Still a unique theme that brings together people can still make a difference. After all, the global internet users count is increasing steadily as is mobile apps. A new social media app will still have takers.

Want to build a social media app that can bring together people and can also be monetized? Intelivita can help.

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Key Features

Social features for a true-blue social media app

From infinite newsfeed to individual profile management, we integrate all imaginable social media features into your mobile app.

Profile Management


News Feed

Audio Video Calling

Live Video Streaming

Event Management

Online Pooling

Instant Messaging

Video and Image Editing & Sharing

Community Building

Google Map Integration

Push Notification

Types of apps

Types of Social Media App We Develop

Like people with varying interests and passions, social media apps are also various kinds and themes. The good news is, we can help you build any time of social media app.

Social Networks

Social networks made up of virtual communities where people follow each, form groups and engage in real-time communication to exchange ideas, pursue professional connections, share, entertainment or even take up social causes.

Media sharing networks

A unique platform for artists, creative professionals and even amateurs to share their works of art to the general public. Such a media sharing network will give users an opportunity to gain publicity or monetize their work socially.

Online Dating Network

Romance can be found anywhere, especially online. The millennial generation leans onto mobile networks to find the right person who will take their personal life forward. Build an online dating network just for that.

Meetups and Event

Build a dedicated mobile app that uses GPS positioning of users to connect with like-minded individuals. The app can allow uses to create local meetups and events that will bring together people for a cause.

Consumer Review and Network

One of two customers check online reviews before buying a product. A social media app that crowdsources consumer reviews can be quite a winner in the networking space. Build that right with our social networking app development expertise.

Discussion Forum

Create a platform for healthy online discussions, debates and talks with the power of networking. Users can create separate rooms based on interests, geographies, members and other demographics.

ID Track Entertainment App

An app that knits together a community of music lovers, enabling them to find, share and enjoy underrated music. The app gives its users a platform to find the track name, artist and album by uploading an image. Other members in the community comment on the post helping the post creator to know more about the particular music track. The end result is that music tracks that do not come to the world’s ears due to other dominant playlists get their deserved attention.

The app is bolted with features that creates a social ecosystem for music lovers, event goers and music festival participants.

  • Post creation
  • image /video upload
  • Commenting system
  • Likes, favorites or reactions
  • Music track suggestions
  • Rich media responses
Guest Me Chat with your favourite creators with built in live chat

A social live video streaming mobile app that helps anyone to become an artist to the global stage. Live streaming of events, personal life, travel — almost everything is the new rage. Guest Me is one such live streaming app that combines the best of social networking and live video streaming. It allows users to create their own personal live videos while broadcasting it to the world at large receiving instant reactions, comments and shares.

Not just life streaming, Guest me can do a whole lot of other stuff as well.

  • Viewers commenting system
  • Broadcaster responses
  • Group chat or one to one chat
  • Video channel subscription
  • In-app purchases
  • Social media integrations
Awayback Augmented Personal Memories

Awayback is an immersive way of creating personal memories at physical locations. It enables users to create personal stories using Augmented reality in the backdrop of physical locations where they have been to. The immersive stories can be shared as images or animations to phone contacts or social media connections. Users can also set the memory as private or public for specific locations. Other users with whom the memory has been shared can see it only when they reach the actual location.

The radical app idea comes with features like:

  • Augmented reality animation
  • Location pins
  • Social sharing
  • Commenting system
  • Seen status
  • Privacy settings
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Chatagram Chat with your favourite creators with built in live chat

Social media messaging is too noisy. Instant messaging is too limited in features. Our client felt the need to build an instant messaging app that had the personalized feel of a social media app and the feature-richness of a full-stack communication app. They asked and we delivered.

Intelivita build a instant messaging app for real-time communication. The app allowed users to search and add friends, send and receive multimedia files, create personalized one-to-one chats or group chats, customize chat backgrounds and much more.

social networking web app development services android social networking app development mobile app development social media
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Why Choose Us

Our unique traits as a Social Media App Development Company

Know the many factors that make us awesome and perfect for social media app development.

Custom Design

Specifically design app interfaces and workflows that will deliver unique experiences to your customers. Brand presets, theme-based interfaces and personalization components can also be integrated into the design.

Custom Development

End-to-end custom development that puts your priorities ahead of everything else.

Scalable and Robust

A robust backend and a scalable database will ensure that your app will keep up with the pace of your business growth.

Affordable Solution

We build world-class social media apps that look and feel great but do not cost as much as they look like. We will be happy to give a personalized quote.

Experienced Developers

Our developers are well-versed in several language frameworks and platforms that will give your social media app the much needed scalability, versatility and flexibility.

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What Our Clients Say

This is What We Live For

Our web and mobile app development expertise have helped several organizations turn critical challenges into a competitive advantage. But don’t take our word for it! Hear straight from our clients what they think and feel about our services.

Intelivita has helped us design and build our company's app, for both iOS and Android. The app we needed, demanded very unique and challenging applications/features. With every request, they were able to design and build a very suitable solution.

Nick Konechny, Managing Director, AK microblading

Intelivita has been awesome to work with! The guys at intelivita are always quick to deliver, and to high standards at that!

Zia Mahmood, Founder Guest Me

The team was helpful and supportive throughout the process, walking them through designing and offering useful suggestions. The completed site is excellent, meeting the company’s expectations. They communicated effectively and organized the project efficiently and professionally.

Tony Nealon, Co-Founder, New Haven Cafe

They put in a lot of effort into staying in touch and keeping me updated. The working iOS app launched in the App Store and has received positive feedback from key stakeholders. Intelivita keeps the project moving (and on budget) through constant communication, providing critical status updates throughout the engagement.

Scott Etherington, Chief Technical Advisor, Eat2Earn

They’re able to take on much more challenging projects than many other companies out there. According to outside programmers, Intelivita’s coding has been nearly bug-free. While, in general, their response time, capacity to engage needed resources, and end products have impressed me.

Mukul Verma, CEO, Mokool Sports Games

They are quick to respond to changes required for the app. The team’s responsiveness and detailed documentation help keep the project on track. They quickly implement change requests and resolve issues.

Jack Parkin, Founder, Chatagram

Intelivita was always willing to work hard on this project. Despite the normal issues when facing a development project, the app works as it’s supposed to. Intelivita’s responsive team worked within budget, fixed bugs promptly, and was enjoyable to work with.

Imogen Venn, Account Director, Pebble studios

They offer a cost-effective service and I was happy with the experience.” They accurately translated existing app features to iOS and even made slight improvements. Users love the iOS version and post positive reviews of it on the App Store. Offering local management staff and offshore development, Intelivita provided an excellent service at a great price.

Tref Griffiths, Owner, CluedUpp Games
Our Work took Us

Our Developed Apps Have Been Featured In

Indeed this makes us proud as a mobile app development company. Check out the popular product forums, thriving social communities and app stores where our apps have made it to the leaderboards and favourite lists.

For your business digital transformation and startup consultancy talk to Oliver Baker, the co-founder of top web and mobile development company in London, Leeds, UK.

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