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Do you have a startup idea and looking for a mobile app development company in London? Get in touch, we've successfully helped more than 50 startups in the UK.
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Start Small, Scale Fast with Our MVP Development Services

If you have an idea that has to be tested for market potential before you start investing resources, MVP is the idea way of doing it. MVP app development ensures that you address the right questions before taking off on your pilot development. It makes you implore on questions like “Should this product be built?" instead of “Can this product be built?". The answers to the questions help in figuring out what kind of features the product must have, who will be its users, what are their pain areas and how the final product should look like.

As a MVP development company, we will help you pick the right tools for development, handpick the features that will delight users and set up engagement models or monetizing models that will help your business open a new source of income.

What makes our MVP app development process unique? We help you validate your idea early by conducting market studies and user research to help you evolve the right product. Our MVP developers with cross-platform development expertise and command over business logic will ensure that your MVP is ready for testing in less than 2 weeks. As a sum total of all these your business will be able to save a large amount of resources that would otherwise be required for full-scale product development. As a customer-centric MVP development company, we will ensure that your product is built for the right cause, has the right features and can be launched in the market at the right time when it will gain maximum momentum.

Don’t go to market with the blind faith that your ‘well-conceived’ idea will succeed. Test the waters before making the plunge with MVP development. Let our MVP development help you steer forward in the right direction.

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Our offerings

Our MVP Development Services

From first-time entrepreneurs to serial entrepreneurs, our Startup MVP development offerings are attuned to help everyone refine their idea into a scalable and market-worthy product.

Prototype Design

Give your idea shape and form with a prototype design. Our MVP developers will create hi-fidelity interactive prototypes that you can interact with to form ideas about improvements and further product development.

Single Feature MVP

MVP is a focused approach to product development. It eliminates clutter and focuses on the singlemost feature that will be cornerstone for the product’s growth story. Building that single feature MVP for you is our responsibility.

Pilot MVP Development

Take your MVP from being a single feature product to a pilot product that can prove usability, scalability and market feasibility. Intelivita’s product development expertise combined will help you launch the pilot MVP in less than 3 months.

MVP Variants

MVP Development Variants That You Can Test Right Away

At Intelivita, we believe that progress is running ahead of the competition and world at large. That is why we proactively zeroed in on MVPs and use cases that our clients can make use of.

On-demand Taxi App

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On-demand Food Delivery

Build the MVP for an on demand food delivery app that will connect customers, restaurants, and delivery professionals. Loyalty schemes, location-based restaurants, etc. can be curated in the MVP.

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Instant Messaging

Get to know how your end users will take the instant messaging app with an MVP. Create the basic app outline with functions for real-time chat, voice calling, video calling, etc.

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On-demand Car Wash

A MVP that demonstrates how users can find the best on-demand car washes nearby. The app can also be integrated with map APIs for real-time navigation, online booking and also digital wallet payment.

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Health and Fitness App

Become the UBER of the fitness industry with a mobile app that allows users to book gyms, take personal trainer appointments or even chat with dietitians. Features to find recipes, workout plans, etc. also available.

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Social Media App

The world still has room for another social network. A new concept or idea is all it takes. We can help you build a MVP of a social media app that does more than connecting people.

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Media and Entertainment app

Media streaming is the new rage. Bu,t building a media and entertainment app right from scratch is an expensive process. A well-designed MVP of media and entertainment app will help you know which direction to go.

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Finance App

Can an app predict stock movements? Or analyze and inform credit score? How about an app that handpicks best insurance? Have an idea that needs to be tested? We can build a MVP for your finance app ida.

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Real Estate App

A mobile app can find houses, find tenants for properties and also help tenants find allied services to maintain their properties. Test waters with the idea of a real estate app by building its MVP.

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MVP Benefits

Benefits of MVP Development

Being the top MVP development company, we will help you research the market and prove your assumptions right with a minimal budget. We will help you fix the right product type, featuresets, and deployment model that will catapult your idea from a prototype to a scalable product.

mvp development company mvp development services
Validate business idea

Ask the right questions before starting product development. Should this product be developed at all? How can it be developed? Who will it benefit? Know it all to validate the business idea.

Plan long-term

Know in advance the technical challenges that should be addressed to scale the product post the MVP stage. Set the ground right for long-term development of the product.

Win first-adopter confidence

Present the MVP to your investors or first-adopters to win confidence, secure funding or to kickstart a crowdsourcing campaign.

Scale rapidly

Going from scratch till any capacity you want is easier with Intelivita. You will have the same MVP development team serving you until the end.

Save time

Save time and money by getting started with a lean working model of the product before fleshing out the entire software, UI, design and user experience.

Test market feasibility

MVP development lets you estimate market size, competition, USPs, challenges and overall market feasibility before taking the deep dive.

6 sprints for MVP development

Our Proven MVP Development Process is Smart, Lean, & Agile

Our process of MVP development spans from understanding the thought that became an idea and the various activities required to turn that idea into a market-worthy product.

Stakeholder Workshop

When the thinkers and doers get together, innovation happens. Our first step in MVP development is sitting with the ideators to understand their ideas and instincts. We run several brainstorming sessions, SWOT analysis and competitor analysis to arrive at a consensus about the intended product.

Technical Analysis

What platform should be considered for building the product? What are the technical possibilities and challenges that lie ahead? What accelerators can we use to quicken development. Is there an existing Proof of concept or pilot that can be improvised? Answers to these questions will be found with our technical analysis.


Your product needs validation — validation from stakeholders, actual users and investors. It cannot be done with an intangible idea. A prototype with a mockup design, working features and well-defined use cases can help the cause. Intelivita can help you build a prototype that can win your stakeholder’s interest.

MVP Release (Beta Launch)

Once the MVP is built, its beta version has to be released to the world to seek feedback. We assist in releasing the MVP in selected destinations like marketplaces, product communities, startup forums and so on.

Testing as per milestones

An MVP is built in stages. At every stage it has to be tested for finding bugs and inconsistencies that should be weeded out. We resort to regression testing and pen testing to ensure that the MVP is built as per specifications.

Functional Specification

Like a Bill of Materials that lists down all materials required for manufacturing, a functional specification sheet is a document that lists down the various prototype feedback, choice of technology, use cases, and everything else until the prototyping stage. The functional specification document will ensure that MVP development happens as per plan.

Why Choose Us

What Makes Intelivita the Prominent MVP Development Company

MVP development brings to the table several benefits that will save you time and resources in the long run.

Test before launch

Know whether your product idea is going the right direction by testing it before launch.

Deploy on production server

Mimic the real life scenario of app usage by deploying the app on production server.

Launch on marketplaces

We help you launch the MVP or pivot project on marketplaces and product communities.

Continuous improvement

The first cut of the MVP will be made better through continuous improvement to features.

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The Portfolio

Our Unique And Creative Work

Dorel Taxi

On-demand taxi booking app for Nigeria with features for passengers, drivers and admins.

An experienced on-demand taxi app developer. Intelivita provides taxi application development solutions for Startups and Entrepreneurs.

Dorel Taxi

On-demand taxi booking app for Nigeria with features for passengers, drivers and admins.

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A fantasy sports app that allows users to create private leagues, auctions and bid for players and play fantasy games.

As a sports fantasy sports app development company, intelivita developed Fantasyji, a cricket  fantasy app


A fantasy sports app that allows users to create private leagues, auctions and bid for players and play fantasy games.

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A location-based augmented reality social application for creating, storing, sharing and rediscovering memories.



A location-based augmented reality social application for creating, storing, sharing and rediscovering memories.

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The pre-ordering coffee app allows customers to order coffee and pay in advance to avoid the queue at cafes and coffee shops.

mvp development agency


The pre-ordering coffee app allows customers to order coffee and pay in advance to avoid the queue at cafes and coffee shops.

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Guest Me

Guest Me is one such live streaming app that combines the best of social networking and live video streaming.

mvp development services for startups

Guest Me

Guest Me is one such live streaming app that combines the best of social networking and live video streaming.

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An instant messaging app for real-time communication and allowed users to search and add friends.

mvp app development company


An instant messaging app for real-time communication and allowed users to search and add friends.

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What Our Clients Say

This is What We Live For

Our web and mobile app development expertise have helped several organizations turn critical challenges into a competitive advantage. But don’t take our word for it! Hear straight from our clients what they think and feel about our services.

Intelivita has helped us design and build our company's app, for both iOS and Android. The app we needed, demanded very unique and challenging applications/features. With every request, they were able to design and build a very suitable solution.

Nick Konechny, Managing Director, AK microblading

Intelivita has been awesome to work with! The guys at intelivita are always quick to deliver, and to high standards at that!

Zia Mahmood, Founder Guest Me

The team was helpful and supportive throughout the process, walking them through designing and offering useful suggestions. The completed site is excellent, meeting the company’s expectations. They communicated effectively and organized the project efficiently and professionally.

Tony Nealon, Co-Founder, New Haven Cafe

They put in a lot of effort into staying in touch and keeping me updated. The working iOS app launched in the App Store and has received positive feedback from key stakeholders. Intelivita keeps the project moving (and on budget) through constant communication, providing critical status updates throughout the engagement.

Scott Etherington, Chief Technical Advisor, Eat2Earn

They’re able to take on much more challenging projects than many other companies out there. According to outside programmers, Intelivita’s coding has been nearly bug-free. While, in general, their response time, capacity to engage needed resources, and end products have impressed me.

Mukul Verma, CEO, Mokool Sports Games

They are quick to respond to changes required for the app. The team’s responsiveness and detailed documentation help keep the project on track. They quickly implement change requests and resolve issues.

Jack Parkin, Founder, Chatagram

Intelivita was always willing to work hard on this project. Despite the normal issues when facing a development project, the app works as it’s supposed to. Intelivita’s responsive team worked within budget, fixed bugs promptly, and was enjoyable to work with.

Imogen Venn, Account Director, Pebble studios

They offer a cost-effective service and I was happy with the experience.” They accurately translated existing app features to iOS and even made slight improvements. Users love the iOS version and post positive reviews of it on the App Store. Offering local management staff and offshore development, Intelivita provided an excellent service at a great price.

Tref Griffiths, Owner, CluedUpp Games
Our Work took Us

Our Developed Apps Have Been Featured In

Indeed this makes us proud as a mobile app development company. Check out the popular product forums, thriving social communities and app stores where our apps have made it to the leaderboards and favourite lists.

For your business digital transformation and startup consultancy talk to Oliver Baker, the co-founder of top web and mobile development company in London, Leeds, UK.

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