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Pros & Cons of Custom Software Development: 7 Things to Consider

As a startup or a small-to-medium business, you are probably wondering whether you should build custom software or buy a readily available tech stack.

Custom software development is the right route to take especially when your product is a tech-based solution.

Whether you're developing an app or a web platform, your business probably has its set of requirements.

Off-the-shelf software might not be able to address all these, but a custom solution can.

However, before you begin, make sure you understand custom software pros and cons.

This way, when you're working with a custom software development agency, you can mitigate the risks and focus on developing software that meets customers' demands.

Let's get started.

The Advantages of Custom Software Development

So, why should you go with custom software development? Here are the key benefits:

1. Perfectly-Fitted Solution

When deciding what tech product to sell, you have possibly conducted market research and identified a real problem that your solution can address.

From there, you plan out the app or web platform that will help achieve your goal of going big, and this is where custom software development comes in.

“Custom” means customized.

This means that your software's features, functionality, and even user interface will be tailored to your expectations, strategies, and requirements.

This is a superior choice compared to ready-made software, which may include features that are either overkill or unnecessary for your business objectives.

How do you come up with the perfect custom-made software?

The one that comes with all the features you need, with meticulously chosen tech stacks that will outperform your competitors and strategically-driven customer acquisition strategies?

If you're interested in this prospect, contact us! Over 10 years, our bespoke software services have delivered success stories for 30+ industries. Maybe yours is next in line.

2. Flexible Scale-Up

When you're developing software, you shouldn't only think of the temporary but also the long-term.

This is why a custom solution is more suitable for your business scalability.

In less than a year from now, innovations in the likes of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) will disrupt the market, and your tech will need to join the trends.

Additionally, with a custom-made solution, you can continuously update your tech stacks according to your market and competitors' ecosystem.

Custom software will ensure that your tech stays relevant with unique selling propositions that will continue to gain your business a competitive edge.

3. Heightened Authority

When vetting ready-made software, there will always be security concerns.

Off-the-shelf software has more loopholes because it's used by many companies, making its core security system harder to control.

By going with custom-made software, you can increase your tech protection against vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

Especially if you're considering why your business needs bespoke software development, their services can help integrate the code, tools, and features, such as a tracking system that warns of a potential attack, to make your security more robust.

4. More Personalization

A glaring problem with readily available software is the limitation of adapting its user interface not only in terms of technicality but also branding.

With custom software, you can develop a branded user interface that truly embodies the image your business wants to project to the audience.

This method of product-led marketing really helps imprint a memorable image, which can improve customer trust and retention.

5. Complete Ownership

This is perhaps an extension of the previous point on personalization.

When you're using software that is sold in the market, you're practically “borrowing” the lease of that software, the ownership of which you only own partly.

Whereas for your unique custom software, you have total ownership without having to worry about the top-up costs.

If you'd like a more quantitative comparison, assess commercial software licensing vs. custom software development and see which one returns a higher investment.

The Disadvantages of Custom Software Development

What are the advantages and disadvantages of custom-made software? As we have discussed the former, now let's get into the latter.

1. Costlier Upfront Costs

If you're developing custom software development, you will need to hire an agency whose services typically include:

  • A business consultant who will plan out the growth plans for your software,
  • Developers (front-end, back-end, or full-stack) who will build your dream software,
  • A project manager who will create a schedule to ensure your product goes live at the right time.

In addition, there will be costs incurred for premium tools or tech stacks, especially if you are integrating advanced innovations such as machine learning or AR/VR.

How much cost should you invest? The answer depends on the scope of your project and how time-bound it is.

2. Longer Timeline

When creating software that perfectly matches your expectations, time can be sacrificed.

During its development phase, the software may require back-to-back evaluations and adjustments.

Sometimes, technical changes, simple or complex, are inevitable.

So, how can you ensure that your software is published according to its time-to-market schedule? Our suggestion is to avoid aiming for professionalism in the initial step.

There will always be time to put in incremental improvements for your product.

Even if you release an MVP, what's essential is to gather feedback from customers and implement technical optimizations from there.


Custom software is the sure-fire solution if you are planning to develop an app or web-based solution that truly matches your business goals.

Still, before you make a decision as to whether you should go with custom-made or ready-made software, it's crucial to understand the pros and cons.

Based on this article, the pros weigh more than the cons in custom software development.

However, be sure to conduct an assessment yourself.

Perhaps there are other aspects that we haven't managed to address yet.

In any case, if you need help in your custom software development - even as simple as validating an idea - give our team at Intelivita a call!

We'd love to lend you a hand.

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